About Us

About Us

Who are the Fluff Responders?

We were founded by first responders and their friends and are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

We are 100% volunteer-based and rely on donations from good people like you to help.

We do not have a facility—All of our animals are placed in foster homes until they are ready to be and are adopted.

With donations, we are able to provide cats and kittens with medical care, spay/neuter, vaccinations, and socialization to get them ready for their forever homes and much more! We also do TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return) for community cats and feral moms that raise their kittens in one of our foster homes until the kittens are weaned.

If you need assistance or have questions on neonatal kitten or kitty care, please contact us.

If we cannot help you, we will direct you to the proper resource.

Meet the team!


Paula Greeno comes from a family devoted to cats and dogs. She got her first cat at 2½ when she was Trick-or-Treating and a kitten was placed in her Halloween bag. He lived to an old age and was her companion until she graduated from college. Paula’s feline superpower is helping under-socialized kitties find their mojo so they can happily join human families and live their best life.


Lizzie Pogoloff has deep roots in Durham, having grown up there, but she lived abroad for 14 years—in China and Barcelona, Spain before moving back to her hometown. Of course her two Catalan rescue cats, Flash (Savior of the Universe) and Tiny Phil, made the long trip home with her.  Lizzie’s feline superpowers are bottle feeding neonatal kittens and making creative kitty videos. If there is a holiday or season when we have kittens you can expect a themed-video!

Lt. Morton

Lieutenant Morton was born and raised in North Carolina and found his calling as a cat rescuer after meeting his wife who introduced him to the joys of living with cats. Lieutenant Morton’s feline superpowers are the ability to hear the cries of orphaned, newborn kittens and to mesmerize kittens & community cats with his calming voice. He has been in law enforcement for 10 years which provides the opportunity to pass through many vacant buildings and empty lots where he often puts his superpowers to work.

Follow Lieutenant Morton on Twitter @OfficerMorton!


Henna Morton has been obsessed with animals as long as she can remember. She started rescuing critters as a child by sneaking newborn bunnies home and expanded from there. Henna’s feline superpower is saving the tiniest of kittens—orphaned, newborns who are often critically ill when they come to her. Henna is a paramedic and has become known as the lady who helps cats in the community she serves. So, kittens find her—she does not even need to look for them.